Participate in our forum & snapshot for Governance, this is part of our continuous efforts towards a fully decentralized protocol! Get involved!
The Archimedes DAO is on the path to full decentralization! DAO members will be able to shape the DAO by submitting ideas, proposals, and voting for ideas to be implemented.
Building the right Governance structure and process is a complex and hard problem to solve. That is why our Core team decided that the community will shape the Governance process. Archimedes envisions a governance evolution that enables users to be in control of the protocol. Have the community decide and iterate!

How to Participate

All our initial discussions happen in Discord. We have a Governance Section intended to foster general Governance discussions and Ideation of proposals.
The Governance process can be broken into 6 steps:
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Step 1: Ideation process in Discord

In this step, any community member can submit an idea in the Discord ideation-forum channel. The ideation should be thoroughly written and provide as much information upfront as the author can provide. A well-written ideation should: (1) ensure the problem statement is clear and easy to understand, (2) help keep the conversation at the right level of technicality, and (3) focus efforts toward solutions. It is important to note that only the Discord Citizen Role or Higher will be able to access the forum. A Discord member can earn access to those roles by engaging in the Discord community.
In this step, the community and the core team will discuss the proposed idea. The DAO conducts a forum for a specific idea for 7 days, when the proposer collects feedback & updates the idea. The user is not allowed to edit initial idea submission in the forum, where only comments are allowed after the submission of an idea.

Step 2: Proposal submission to Governance Channel in Discord

An idea must receive Moderator Confirmation that it complies with DAO-approved Forum Guidelines before it moves to polling. If aligned, a post will be tagged for voting in the Governance channel.
Governance Forum Guidelines
For a proposal to pass to step 2, a few conditions need to be met:
  • Positive sentiment needs to be higher than negative sentiment surrounding an ideation
  • An ideation that does not align with Archimedes’ previously established values are subject to rejection from the polling process. Archimedes’ established values for such processes are:
    • An idea must have sound business logic and financial and technical viability.
    • An idea should provide the supporting data, when applicable and available.
    • An idea cannot have negative impacts on Archimedes DAO’s branding or users of its products.

Step 3: Ideation is submitted to Governance Forum

  • The proposer makes final edits and submits to the Moderator to post the idea on the Governance Forum.
  • Community votes on the proposal for a period of 7 days via Emoji (Thumbs Up vs. Down) voting.
  • 75% of the votes need in favor in order to pass to snapshot voting.
  • In case the proposal is rejected, the proposer needs to wait for 7 days to re-submit the proposal.

Step 4: Council review

The Archimedes team and trusted community members will then review the proposal to double check that the proposal passes the above Guidelines.

Step 5: Snapshot proposal voting

Initially, ARCH holders will be able to vote - every veARCH held equals 1 vote.

Archimedes Improvement Proposals (AIPs)

The AIPs serve to propose changes that improve the protocol. For example, this could be the introduction of a new smart contract or an update to some Omnipool parameters.
Duration: 7 days
Vetoable: No
Minimum Participation Threshold: 1 veARCH.
Approval Requirement: >75% of votes for Yes.

Step 6: Implementation

If the proposal receives >75% in favor, it will pass and the changes outlined will be added to the project’s roadmap and the internal team’s prioritization and timeline.
Extraordinary measures & Extreme situations:
In the case of events impacting the DAO or its users caused by mal-actors, the DAO may install urgent processes for fast decision making and recovery. These events include, but are not limited to:
  • Platform hack
  • Governance attacks or hostile takeovers
  • Extreme market conditions that risk protocol, DAO, or user funds
The process laid out in this document is an experiment run for 3 months and, in case it does not work well, the Core team may suggest a different approach.

Ideation Template

Title: [Proposal name] Author(s): [Author or Authors responsible for the idea]
Status: [Ideation, Under Review, Council Review, Voting, Passed/Failed]
[Summary / Abstract / Motivation]
[Necessary Details for Proper Assessment]

Proposal Template

Title: [Proposal name]
Status: [Ideation, Under Review, Council Review, Voting, Passed/Failed for Implementation]
[Summary / Abstract / Motivation]
[Necessary Details for Proper Assessment]

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