Product Roadmap

Our Roadmap is a guide to what we will be working on and researching in each quarter.
These are not delivery or deployment dates. Times and ideas are subject to changes based on Archimedes DAO proposals.

Q3 2023

Our Focus in this quarter is the Launch of our Protected Single Pools which will become a building block for Protected Omni Pools and Leverage while being a product themselves. This is phase 1 of Syracussia.
(In Progress)
  • Launch: Individual Protected Convex Pools on Ethereum Mainnet
    • These are the proposed pools for initial launch but they will not all be released at the same time.
      Stable ETH Pools:
    • ETH/frxETH
    • ETH/ETH+
    • ETH/rETH
    • Volatile ETH Pools:
    • ETH/LDO - pending
    • ETH/CVX
    • Stable USD Pools:
    • USDT/crvUSD
    • alUSD/FRAXBP
    • GHO/bb-a-USD - waiting post Balancer relaunch
    • USD/Crypto Pools:
    • WETH/3pool
    • ibEUR/USDC
    • Of those pools we plan to launch these 6 as part of our Beta release:
    • ETH/ETH+
    • alUSD + FRAXBP
    • ETH + frxETH
    • USDT + crvUSD
    • WETH + AURA
    • ibEUR + USDC
  • Launch: veARCH token, 80ARCH/20WETH Balancer Pool, Locking for ARCH Emissions βœ…
    • veARCH - Archimedes governance token will be launched and will earn ARCH emissions to begin. More rewards for locking with be proposed, voted on, and implemented following the launch. Archimedes DAO will decide on reward incentives and utility of veARCH going forward
    • 80ARCH/20WETH Balancer Pool - This pool was seeded on 5/24/2023 with 76,406 ARCH and 51.38 ETH. The entirety of this seed will be locked for the max lock period pending launch of the Archimedes locking contract.
    • (In Progress)
    • Locking - A new page called β€˜veARCH’ will appear in the navigation bar on ArchimedesFi.com. Here you will be able to Get veARCH, Claim Rewards, and Withdraw.
(In Progress)
  • Add New Partners: Add Alchemix and Pendle as partners.
    • Partnerships will expand based on which pools Archimedes and Archimedes DAO decide to use implement
  • Web App with Dashboard: Build an efficient frontend to interact with our single pool strategies as well as an initial Dashboard so that users can see the value they hold as well as the current yield.

Q4 2023

Our focus in this quarter is to launch step two and three of the Syracussia upgrade. Archimedes is a leverage protocol, which means we need leverage. Phase two focuses on leveraging the most popular individual Convex pools from Phase 1 along with Archimedes’ new Omnipool Hopper. Archimedes will be exploring our L2 launch at this time!
(In Progress)
  • Launch: Leverage for individual Protected Single Pools
    • Archimedes will choose the most popular single pool strategy from Phase 1 that will work with leverage and deploy it on Mainnet.
    • Archimedes DAO will vote for any other strategies the community wishes to offer leverage on.
  • Launch: Protected Single Pools on a new protocol, either L2 or another Mainnet protocol after gathering feedback from the community.
  • Launch: Omnipool Hopper that combines all Phase 1 Convex pools into a single, automated, and protected strategy on Ethereum Mainnet.
    • This Omnipool Hopper will protect users positions based on specific parameters defined by the Archimedes team within the smart contract. For more information about this strategy, check out the details here.

Q1 2024

Our focus in this quarter is to conclude Syracussia Upgrade
  • Launch: Protected Omnipool Hoppers as individual protocol or asset pools
  • Launch: Leveraged & Protected Omnipool Hopper on Ethereum Mainnet
  • Launch: Leveraged & Protected Omnipool Hopper on L2
  • Add New Partners (continuous): Explore other partnerships for liquidity and flywheels
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