Value Proposition

Archimedes enables Liquidity Providers to set and forget their position - its solution does the hard work to save you time and headache, while you maximize your earnings and minimize your risks.
Currently, users choose higher Total Value Locked (TVL) pools as a tactic to mitigate major risks of liquidity providing, such as Impermanent Loss. This tactic oftentimes comes at the cost of yield as higher TVL pools typically pay lower APY.
Archimedes provides a secured and efficient means for token holders to maximize their earnings with its risk-adjusted Protected Pools solutions. Archimedes eliminates the challenges of risk management and reward management in liquidity pools from Automated Market Makers / Yield Aggregators such as Aura and Convex.
With Archimedes’ unique risk mitigation strategies to monitor pools along with an automated & efficient auto-compounding system, users can earn risk-adjusted higher yield on their crypto assets without the need for constant monitoring or technical knowledge.
Risk AdjustedImproved Capital EfficiencySingle Liquidity HubSustainable Leverage
Archimedes is an experimental protocol and carries significant risks: Smart contract risk, economic model risk, risk that the assets Archimedes introduces and many other types of known and unknown risks. Archimedes' team never provides investment advice. This article is NOT financial advice. DYOR. Participate at your own risk.