Liquidity Provider (LP) Questions:
How is my deposited WBTC protected?
Can I withdraw my deposited assets anytime as an LP?
What is the "Monitor" role in the Archimedes V2 protocol?
Leverage Taker (LT) Questions:
What is the liquidation buffer? Where can a user find it?
What are liquidation fees?
Who pays gas fees on liquidation?
Can users adjust their leverage ratio after opening a position?
Are there any borrowing fees?
Can I lose all my assets in a liquidation event?
How can I prevent the liquidation of my leveraged position?
Will I Be Notified Before My Position Is Liquidated?
What happens during a "liquidation" event?
As an LT, what collateral do I need to provide for leveraging?
What assets can people use as collateral?
Assuming I put BTC as collateral but got into ETH/ETHX pool, when I exit I get everything in BTC?
How does a position expire?
What happens after my position expires?
Protected Single Pool questions:
What is a Protected Single Pool?
How do I deposit into a Protected Single Pool?
What are Protected Omni-pools?
What happens when the algorithm withdraws from the Pool?
Is Archimedes V2 Audited?
Is Archimedes planning to go to other chains?
How can I contribute to Archimedes?