$ARCH is Archimedes’ Utility and Governance Token
Utility for $ARCH token is constantly changing based on Archimedes DAO Governance ideations, proposals, and votes. For more information about governance, navigate to… πŸ‘¨β€βš–οΈGovernance That being said, there are many plans in the pipeline for $ARCH utility so stay tuned for more information coming sooon
  • Symbol: ARCH
  • Total Fixed Supply: 100,000,000 ARCH. All pre-minted with distribution as descirbed below.
          ARCH logo
ARCH logo

ARCH Token distribution

ARCH Initial Distribution

  • 50% Community: Liquidity mining and other incentives. More on it to follow
  • 30% Team and future team members: one year cliff with total three linear vesting
  • 15% Investors and future investors: one year cliff with total three linear vesting
  • 5% Foundation/Development program: development cost, audits, service provider, OPEX and partnerships
The initial distribution:
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Community distribution:

This is currently To Be Determined and on hold besides incentives for veARCH holders as decided by the Archiemdes DAO. Distribution will be defined again post launch of leverage for Archimedes v2 product.