Improved Capital Efficiency

Holders of Liquidity Pools on protocols like Convex are rewarded with emissions in protocol native tokens like CVX and other tokens from partner protocols like CRV. Depositors look for yield of their deposited asset, but are exposed to the token(s) emitted.
With that, LPs need to make decisions on how often to claim, swap, redeposit rewards in order to compound and manage their profit - they pay gas for 3 transactions. This means their expected APY is fluctuating based on the value of the reward token(s) and they are incurring additional costs to compound their rewards.
Archimedes’ Autocompounder addresses these very issues as it brings Improved Capital Efficiency. With Archimedes Protected Pools, your position compounding is now free of the gas - yes, Archimedes pays it for you. Additionally, you do not need to worry about when to compound as it automatically compounds your rewards.