Archimedesโ€™ Community: The G(r)eeks

The G(r)eeks is Archimedes' pioneering step towards forging a robust community for the Archimedes DAO. This initiative is dynamic and will continually evolve, drawing strength from community input and collaboration. Together, we aim to create, innovate, and grow.

A Three-Tiered Community Engagement

To cater to varying levels of commitment and expertise, we've structured our community engagement into three distinct circles.

Engagement Circle: G(r)eek Army

  • Ideal for those with limited time but a desire to contribute to the DAO's growth.
  • Suitable for individuals keen on learning and growing within the community.
  • Open to all, with opportunities to transition to other circles.

Contributor Circle: G(r)eek Architects

  • Tailored for proactive members eager to shape Archimedes' direction.
  • Involves roles like user education, community engagement, and product influence.

Advocacy Circle: G(r)eek Creators & G(r)eek Ambassadors

  • Designed for influential storytellers and networkers in the DeFi space.
  • Roles encompass marketing, public relations, business development, and product feedback.