G(r)eek Architects (coming soon)

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G(r)eeks, welcome to the Archimedes contributor program! This program is a kickstart towards something truly transformative - shaping the future of DeFi together. Let’s build!

Build & Be The Voice of Our Community

As a member of our team of Architects, your role extends far beyond mere participation. We believe that our community is our greatest strength, and your voice is instrumental in influencing the direction we take. Your insights, feedback, and passion are essential in molding the course of our journey.
As an active member of the Architects, you will help shape the future of Archimedes by influencing the direction of our Community & our Product.

Who can participate

We are looking for builders! This means DeFi natives wanting to contribute, such as influencers, DeFi users, and G(r)eeks. If you think you’re one of them, please join us!
The moment we find ourselves in, we are currently focusing on 2 focus areas and two adjacent areas:
  1. Focus areas
    1. Educating our users: You believe you’re a marketing ninja who can support the project with AMAs scheduling, educational threads, simple Tweets promoting the product, support influencer relationship, etc.
    2. Ideating our product: You have the owner mentality and are actively supporting the project’s user feedback, product ideation, and BD efforts via discussions and Governance participation.
  1. Adjacent areas
    1. Engaging with our users: If you believe that community engagement is a strong way you can support the projects’ success and you are an active member in Discord and/or Telegram fostering meaningful discussions around the project
    2. Evolving the community: You’re passionate at looking into ways to make the community stronger and better, bringing it closer to its vision, including proposing and selecting new Architect members, proposing new ideas to help advance community, and supporting with execution of those ideas.
Community members interested in being part of our Architect team will need to select at least 1 focus area and 1 adjacent area.


Each Architect will chose at least 1 focus are and 1 adjacent area to work on.
Focus areas - responsibilities and expectations:
  1. Educating our users:
    1. Frequency: do 2+ of the following/month
      1. Support 1-2 organic AMAs scheduling for the team w/ influencers
      2. Write 1 high quality educational thread in the month
      3. Write 1 high quality educational long form article in the month
      4. Write 4 high quality simple Tweets promoting the project
      5. Produce 1 easy to understand visual content about our product
    2. Quality: high quality AMAs, threads/tweets
  1. Ideating our product:
    1. Frequency: do 2+ of the following/month
      1. Drive high quality product ideas by gathering structured information from users & projects:
        1. keeping tabs of user pain points and complaints
        2. suggest solutions to those problems
        3. keeping them organized so our Product core team can easily digest and act
      2. Help team recruit 3+ actual valuable users feedback
      3. Support team with BD motion by identifying actual opportunities and facilitating introductions (team will need to communicate strategy to help you focus)
Adjacent areas - responsibilities and expectations:
  1. Engaging with our users:
    1. Frequency: Engage for 2-3 days / week with about 2-3 meaningful messages each day
    2. Quality: High quality engagement that fosters meaningful conversations about the product or the ecosystem / partners.
  1. Evolving the community:
    1. Frequency: do 2+ of the following/month
      1. Provide feedback to the core team on what needs improvement in community on a monthly basis (propose ideas, changes, etc)
      2. Support execution of new ideas being implemented by taking ownership of specific tasks defined together with the core team (in future, can change this to be more scalable)

Incentive structure

  1. The Architect team will choose at least 1 focus area and 1 adjacent area they want to focus on and are rewarded accordingly
  1. There is a pool of rewards on top of the baseline reward for each role. The members going the extra mile will be eligible for the pool of rewards defined by the Architects
  1. Incentives*
    1. Individual reward: 225 ARCH/month
    2. Pool of rewards: 100 ARCH/month across all Architects
      1. The team of Architects will vote every month on who will receive what portion of the pool
      2. The pool total reward is defined by # Architects * 50; we’re starting with 2 Architects
* First month’s incentives will be paid the equivalent value in USDC
** Token volume for rewards may be adjusted depending on token value
*** ARCH token rewards CANNOT be sold until 90 after payments (or will be paid only 90 days from month close)
**** The failure to meet the outlined requirements will result in exclusion from the program and potential cut in payment.

How do I apply?

There are a couple of ways to get started:
  1. Organic: Engage in our community and you shall be invited to participate - this is how our first members got in
  1. Pitch: Demonstrate the results you’ve generated for other DeFi communities, pitch why you think you can help Archimedes and why what we’re building matters to you

Current Architects by Area

Architects’ Discord Handle
Educating (focus)
Ideating (focus)
Engaging (adjacent)
Evolving (adjacent)
Smurf [MMG]#4169