G(r)eek Army

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Program overview

The G(r)eek Army is intended at fostering engagement via regularly scheduled contests, quizzes and events, where there are transparent monthly incentives for users to learn about the protocol and engage with the Archimedes DAO.
Community members are encouraged and incentivized to check theΒ Archimedes ZealyΒ account (shared in Greek-Activity channel inΒ Discord) to compete in content creation contests being posted throughout each month.
These could include: memes, simple tweets, and interactions with our Tweets. With the goal being to foster engagement with the Archimedes community members. Additionally, users can complete a wide range of other quests by doing tasks such as (but not limited to): attending Archimedes events, quizzes, engaging with social media posts, or providing feedback to earn XP and be rewarded!
The Archimedes team reserves the right to adjust and/or pause the program at any time, e.g., a good reason would be to pause in case the product sunsets and we need to pivot, such as our transition from our V1 to V2 from May to September 2023.