GitHub - BerriAI/reliableGPT: Get 100% uptime, reliability from OpenAI. Handle Rate Limit, Timeout, API, Keys Errors

reliableGPT: Stop OpenAI Errors in Production

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Never worry about overloaded OpenAI servers, rotated keys, or context window limitations again!
reliableGPT handles:
  • OpenAI APIError, OpenAI Timeout, OpenAI Rate Limit Errors, OpenAI Service UnavailableError / Overloaded
  • Context Window Errors
  • Invalid API Key errors

Code Examples

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How does it handle failures?

    • Specify a fallback strategy for handling failed requests: For instance, you can define fallback_strategy=['gpt-3.5-turbo', 'gpt-4', 'gpt-3.5-turbo-16k', 'text-davinci-003'], and if you hit an error then reliableGPT will retry with the specified models in the given order until it receives a valid response. This is optional, and reliableGPT also has a default strategy it uses.
    • Specify backup tokens: Using your OpenAI keys across multiple servers - and just got one rotated? You can pass backup keys using add_keys(). We will store and go through these, in case any get keys get rotated by OpenAI. For security, we use special tokens, and enable you to delete all your keys (using delete_keys()) as well.
    • Context Window Errors: For context window errors it automatically retries your request with models with larger context windows

Getting Started

Step 1. pip install package

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pip install reliableGPT

Step 2. The core package is 1 line of code

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from reliablegpt import reliableGPT openai.ChatCompletion.create = reliableGPT(openai.ChatCompletion.create, user_email='ishaan@berri.ai')

Advanced Usage

Breakdown of params

Here's everything you can pass to reliableGPT
OpenAI method
This is a method from OpenAI, used for calling the OpenAI chat endpoints
Update you on spikes in errors
You can define a custom fallback strategy of OpenAI models you want to try using. If you want to try one model several times, then just repeat that e.g. ['gpt-4', 'gpt-4', 'gpt-3.5-turbo'] will try gpt-4 twice before trying gpt-3.5-turbo
Pass your user token if you want us to handle OpenAI Invalid Key Errors - we'll rotate through your stored keys (more on this below ) till we get one that works

Handle rotated keys

Step 1. Add your keys

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from reliablegpt import add_keys, delete_keys, reliableGPT # Storing your keys πŸ”’ user_email = "krrish@berri.ai" # πŸ‘ˆ Replace with your email token = add_keys(user_email, ["openai_key_1", "openai_key_2", "openai_key_3"])
Pass in a list of your openai keys. We will store these and go through them in case any get keys get rotated by OpenAI. You will get a special token, give that to reliableGPT.

Step 2. Initialize reliableGPT

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import openai openai.api_key = "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" ## Invalid OpenAI key print("Initializing reliableGPT πŸ’ͺ") openai.ChatCompletion.create = reliableGPT(openai.ChatCompletion.create, user_email= user_email, user_token = token)
catches the Invalid API Key error thrown by OpenAI and rotates through the remaining keys to ensure you have zero downtime in production.

Step 3. Delete keys

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#Deleting your keys from reliableGPT 🫑 delete_keys(user_email = user_email, user_token=token)
You own your keys, and can delete them whenever you want.


Reach out to us on Discord https://discord.com/invite/xqTmjKf9wC or Email us at ishaan@berri.ai & krrish@berri.ai