Archimedes Protocol is built on Ethereum. Here you will find all the relevant contracts and addresses related to the Protocol:
  • Curve 3CRV/lvUSD Pool Gauge: 0xf2cBa59952cc09EB23d6F7baa2C47aB79B9F2945
  • Balancer 80ARCH/20WETH Pool: 0xdf2c03c12442c7a0895455a48569b889079ca52a
  • lvUSD: 0x94A18d9FE00bab617fAD8B49b11e9F1f64Db6b36
  • ARCH: 0x73C69d24ad28e2d43D03CBf35F79fE26EBDE1011
  • veARCH: 0x286f0b0765176c5e31d6ec0c2a18627614b5f0b1
  • Leverage Engine: 0x03dc7Fa99B986B7E6bFA195f39085425d8172E29
  • Exchanger: 0x823cf8A11C1eb28b0C00011515E1d2a28B362f09
  • Zapper: 0x624f570C24d61Ba5BF8FBFF17AA39BFc0a7b05d8
  • Coordinator: 0x58c968fADa478adb995b59Ba9e46e3Db4d6B579d
  • Parameter Store: 0xcc6Ea29928A1F6bc4796464F41b29b6d2E0ee42C
  • CDPosition: 0x229a9733063eAD8A1f769fd920eb60133fCCa3Ef
  • Vault: 0x4c12c57C37Ff008450A2597e810B51B2BbA0383A
  • Treasury (Protocols Fees): 0x29520fd76494Fd155c04Fa7c5532D2B2695D68C6
  • Treasury (Community Allocation): 0xc630740a22D49A6CF7C96823fb0b952E0899279A
  • Development fund: 0x3d77553539727683B28849391cef9CC7406729b5
  • Investors (1 year lock up): 0x18202A5B8bd6470073D125f8a16Fc934f502f708
  • Current team, future hires, future talent comp (1 year lock up):
    • 0x90598E9D8a6661cD4e2441dCBdC91dcd4b343487
Archimedes is an experimental protocol and carries significant risks: Smart contract risk, economic model risk, risk that the assets Archimedes introduces and many other types of known and unknown risks. Archimedes' team never provides investment advice. This article is NOT financial advice. DYOR. Participate at your own risk.