Our Ecosystem


Archimedes has two tokens - lvUSD and ARCH.

What is lvUSD?

lvUSD is an over-collateralized and USD pegged stablecoin. lvUSD is backed by interest bearing tokens and is issued by Archimedes Finance.
          lvUSD logo
lvUSD logo
lvUSD Ethereum Address: We will make it public once live
More on how lvUSD maintains peg: HERE
Also, we plan to use some of the treasury reserves for better boosting lvUSD stability.

What is ARCH?

ARCH is Archimedes Finance governance and utility token.


As we are working towards decentralization ARCH will serve an increasing rule in protocol governance.


User buy ARCH to get access to leverage.
          ARCH logo
ARCH logo
ARCH Ethereum Address: We will make it public once live
Total Fixed Supply: 100,000,000 ARCH

ARCH Token Distribution

Distribution is still being finalized and is subject to change prior to launch.
  • 50% community Incentives: Liquidity mining incentives. More on it to follow
  • 25% Team and future team members: TBD and will be defined closer to launch
  • 15% Foundation/Development program: development cost, audits, service provider, OPEX and partnerships
  • 10% Investors and future investors: TBD and will be defined closer to launch
The current distribution plan is - subject to change:
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ARCH Token Emissions schedule:
Majority of the emissions will go to lvUSD <> 3CRV curve pool LPs and to lvUSD <> ARCH pool.
Exact emission per pool to be defined as we get closer to launch.
Emission schedule planned to be the following:
Year 1: 20M ARCH Tokens
Year 2: 10M ARCH Tokens
Year 3: 7.5M ARCH Tokens
Year 4: 5M ARCH Tokens
Year 5 and onwards 50% emission of the previous year
Emission rates remain subject to change depending on market conditions.

Liquidity Pools

Our Pools

Archimedes has two main Curve pools:
  • 3CRV/lvUSD: lvUSD is our USD pegged stablecoin (might be FRAXBP/lvUSD)
  • lvUSD/ARCH: ARCH is our governance token
To learn more about these pools, please read Providing Liquidity.

Why Curve?

Curve is the capstone of DeFi. Without Curve there is no stablecoin market, and there is no liquidity on DeFi. This is why we chose to build on top of Curve and support it.
Fixed CRV emission is limiting Curve scaling ability. Here is why: All Curve pools, together, share the same CRV emission. As more investors and projects use Curve, each $ gets a smaller share of CRV. Since 95%+ of APY is from CRV, there is a limit to how much liquidity CRV (and Curve) can support.
We see this as an opportunity to fix that and support Curve.
Archimedes aims to be one of the few pools that doesnโ€™t rely primarily on CRV emissions. That means we are going to help Curve scale. All the liquidity that CRV cannot support, will โ€œoverflowโ€ to the Archimedes pool. We see Curve hitting the โ€œCRV growth barrierโ€ and continue to grow with Archimedes pools.